Bug report: shooting while facing a wall: crash.

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  • Hey ash.

    Your application Construct never ceases to amaze me, but it has it's fair share of bugs and crashes to be dealt with. Since i'm a helpful person i thought i'd drop by and give you a heads up every time i get one of these crashes to help you improve on this already magnificent piece of coding.

    While working on a small platformer called "cosmos" i stumbled upon an infinite loop freeze-bug. When i had my character face a wall and then shoot a bullet so it was instantly destroyed at the same time as it was spawned the game-window froze up and i had to ctrl-alt-delete the thing to death.

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  • I know Ashley is busy at the moment with exams (I posted a prob myself unaware ) but for a heasd up display your specs and also a .cap file that shows the problem. fileden is a good place to upload if you don't have a place already.

  • Yeah man, I just attempted that and could not reproduce it. Could you please give us a .cap file showing the error? It would greatly help use bugfix it.

  • You could, to prevent this on your own, add a condition that "Object (Wall) does not overlap Player.ImagepointX("gun"), Player.ImagepointY("gun")" to the shoot condition (of course, filling in correct object and image point names). I think that should fix it, until a proper Construct fix to catch the error.

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