bug report: next layout action

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  • According to the wiki:

    [quote:2o2xildv]Next Layout

    Goes to next layout. If current layout is last, goes to first layout. If current layout is the only layout, reloads layout.

    I tried this in the tutorial I've been following and it closes the application when there is only one layout instead of reloading it.

    I created a new project added one sprite added the bullet and warp behavior to the sprite. Then added one event, "on spacebar pressed go to next layout." It also closes the application instead of restarting it.

    BTW, is there a workaround?



  • Hm i made a single layout and used a "spacebar pressed-> next layout" event, and it closed.

    Perhaps the wiki is wrong or outdated? Maybe this has been changed in Construct?

    Are you just trying to restart the layout?

  • Make sure you're previewing all and not just previewing layout or that'll happen.

  • Yeah. Per Rich, this is working fine for me. Please try exporting an executable and retrying. If it happens again, tell us please.

  • The documentation is wrong - I've checked the source and it will exit the application if the current frame is the last and you go to the next layout, or if the current frame is the first and you go to the previous layout. I've updated the Wiki to state this.

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  • I think I misunderstood. Sorry.

  • Thanks for the clarification Ashley. I'll make sure to report all bugs in the bug tracker. I should have spent more time looking for it as it was right in front of my face in Construct itself .

    I also updated the wiki page under Go to layout with this note:

    "If the go to layout is the current layout it is restarted."

    Which is what I was attempting to do in my one layout application.



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