bug report: On Animation Finished not working

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  • I tried to get the event when my sprite that has only one animation that with the default name ("Default") finished but it does not work.

    On the other hand the "Any animation finished" event on the same single default animation sprite does work. I also tried using an animation name other than "Default" and it still failed to trigger the event.


  • Ah, I'll try and fix that soon. Just a quick note, could you keep all bug reports on the tracker? You can post a thread for a bug if you want to discuss it (to find workarounds, make example .caps researching the problem etc), but the tracker is our main place for reporting bugs. Thanks for the finds though!

  • Thanks Ashley, it was my intention to add these new bug reports to the tracker (already added an older one) after some discussion. I'll post them first in tracker from now on and to the forum at the same time. Tonight I'll go and make sure all of these I posted are in the tracker for your convenience.

    Thanks, it's the least I can do . Hopefully after I get better at construct I can find additional ways to contribute. But for now I'm focusing on testing things out as I learn Construct and updating the wiki.



  • LOL I just posted a topic on the same prob I was having. Good to know it's not working, I was pulling my hair out with this one.

  • It's good to know it helped save you a few hairs

    As awesome as Construct, is it is still beta software so what I have found very helpful is whenever something very strange happens or doesn't work as I expect it I quickly create a new project and make the simplest possible layout that tries to reproduce the problem. If I can think of some work arounds I'll also try those in my simple test case. Then when I'm done I make note of the problem and add it to the bug tracker at source forge and report it here as soon as I get a chance.

    I just added this to tracker with an example cap.


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