[BUG?] On layout restart!

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  • hey

    Probably found a bug in construct...

    in my project I made a condition that after 4 seconds some things disappear

    and while pressing ESC de stage restart (go to same layout)

    while the items that should disappear are still visibles, if I restart, they will still be there after the stage restarted.

    but after 4 seconds if I press esc to restart the stage the items are already invisible at the beggining, they do not wait 4 seconds to disappear, it's like if I reset before the 4 seconds, the time resets too but if I restart after the 4 seconds of the condition the time doesn't reset...

    edit: see my 3rd post.

  • FIXED!

    but still there are plenty more problems during restart ill try to fix all of em and update the topic

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  • I think I understood what is going wrong, after restart of a layout the Groups of conditions doesn't get their original 'active' condition..


    layout start with group "gamestart" inactivated then after 10 seconds it get activated and the conditions inside the group start to working.

    The layout restarts with "go to same layout" action, the group "gamestart" start already activated when it should be inactivated by default, to fix that after action to restart you need to deactivate the group, but with large codes with alot of groups this get really bad...

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