A bug with enemy bullet shooting (& aspect-ratio)

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  • dl.dropbox.com/u/29072735/labgame.cap

    The game is coming along fairly nicely - the next major thing will be to work on score and difficulty increases, which are definitely big tasks!


    My event sheet 'Robot' is set up thus:

    When a player activates the 'Pod' the Robots will turn to animation "Angry" and have their timer set to random(4). The timer will count down every 500 milliseconds and at 0, the Robot fires a bullet.

    The bullet's speed is set to private('Speed').

    If the bullet's x is less than player.x, its angle is set to 0.

    If greater, then 180.

    In the cap itself, when the "Angry" animation is trigger, most of the robots fire bullets that stay in place and do not move. I am not sure what is causing this bug, though I suspect it might something to do with the timer -I didn't use clamp for the timer, because every fiddling around resulted in a massive unbroken stream of bullets that looked cool but had no place in the game : p

    It might be some form of syntax error, as well. Any advice would be appreciated!


    On a not-so minor note, I have consulted Ashley's method for keeping the same aspect ratio for full-screen games, and it doesn't seem to work for games without any scrolling.

    In the event sheet "Fullscreen" event 2 is where things seem to be mucking up.

    I set the resolution to the DisplayWidth x DisplayHeight, and set a global variable "czoom" to DisplayHeight, and then set System Zoom to "czoom * 100"

    In game, however, it shows the correct resolution, but only a small fraction of the playing-field - the same size as the original window size, 320x240. This is obviously frustrating because I can't quite figure out where I went wrong.

    Fullscreen at this point is not a major issue, because i would like to get the game working before cosmetics come in, but it would be nice to know where I went wrong!

    Thanks in advance,

    Emperor Ing

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