Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?

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  • Hi, I've got a couple of global variables. One is a counter, when it reaches the value of another global variable the game should increase the level.

    The problem is I have an event - IS GLOBAL VARIABLE 'Alienspeed' equal to 4

    Now I want to change the number 4 to a global variable, this way I can increase the variable making it take longer to increase the level, confusing I know but this isn't the issue.

    When I click on the 4 and type ('AlienSpeedChange') which is the name of the variable I want, it changes to the name of the first global variable in the list of currnet GV's in the project and not what I typed in.

    What I mean is, I have a few Global Variables, the first one being called IsFired, when I try to set the name of the variable in the event to ('AlienSpeedChange') and press enter, Construct changes it to ('IsFired') and no matter what name I use it always sets it as ('IsFired').

    My head hurts.

    I hope you understand what I'm saying. So, is this a bug within Construct or am I doing it wrong? Can you not set a variable check like that?


    OK, trying to simplyfy it

    Here's the event, as you can see it's set the variable I want to compare to ('IsFired') even though I typed in ('AlienSpeedCheck')

    This is the list of Global Variables I have, as you can see IsFired is the first in the list. Is this a bug that won't let me set the variable to check to anyting other than the first in the list of Global Variables?

    Can't get the images to show, sorry.

    Here's the CAP -

    I know it's crap, I'm tryin to do a simple tutorial for someone to show how easy Construct is. Event 11 is where I'm having an issue. Try changing the 4 to a global variable other than IsFired.

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  • Might post a cap, because unless the variable is undefined it should be in the drop down list to set a variable.

    Unless your trying to create a variable, or rename one, which isn't possible at runtime.

  • It seemed to work fine for me chap. When you type Global(' It should show a drop down of the available global variables, press up/down and enter to select one and finish off the ').

    Also, what version of construct are you working in? I am using r1.2.

  • Ah, there we go. I WAS doing it wrong. I didn't type Global(' ... I just typed the name of the variable ('AlienSpeedChange'). Works a treat now. Cheers. :)

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