Bug with activate/deactivate for DragDrop!

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  • Good night! If anyone here has come forward. The problem is, it is necessary that when an object is visible from a family that has been activated to dragdrop, when the object is not visible from a family that let dragdrop disconnected. ex:

    fammily is visible - set actvated dragdrop

    fammily is visible[inverted] - se deactevated dragdrop

    All is well, dragdrop off normally, but when I turn it on it regardless of the position of the object it instantly moves to the position of the mouse. Really need to fix this bug. Desperately!

    I tried to put in place checks appear variable but the same thing (((

    Source included!


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  • Very hard post to understand !

    Anyway...heres what i think you meant?



    + MouseKeyboard: On Middle Clicked on Sprite3

    -> Sprite3: Make Invisible

    + MouseKeyboard: On Right Clicked on Sprite3

    -> Sprite3: Make Visible

    + Sprite3: [negated] Sprite3: Is visible

    -> Items: Deactivate Drag & Drop movement

    + MouseKeyboard: On Left Clicked on Sprite

    + Sprite3: Is visible

    -> Sprite: Activate Drag & Drop movement

    + MouseKeyboard: On Left Clicked on Sprite2

    + Sprite3: Is visible

    -> Sprite2: Activate Drag & Drop movement

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