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  • My sprite has 6 animations with a total of 76*2 frames. So that's a total of 152 different images.

    Now , does construct load them all into memory at runtime ? If so , can we load them on call only ?

    I only ask because adding any new moves to the character results in the temp.exe crashing. Even if I delete the last animation I made , the temp crashes and I need to quit construct, load up a backup and start again ...

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  • Its not a bug...

    All textures are loaded into vram at run time. There is no way to change this at the moment... but is a future feature in .99

    and as for it still crashing when you delete the last animation and then you run the game again it will still crash because the animations you deleted are still being loaded at runtime. in order to support undo and stuff like that Construct has to save that stuff in memory in the event that you want to undo the deleted animation. So for some reason it is still loaded when you load a preview. i dont know if it is supposed to do that.

  • thanks .. am optimizing my sprites now.


    So THAT'S what's causing my game to crash on runtime due to so many objects! I didn't realize it! This is a HUGE problem for large projects, methinks - I can't progress until this is out of the way.

  • Yeah, this is a current design problem in Construct. Everything's loaded in on startup. If you have a graphics card with loads of VRAM, it's not an issue, but it's obviously a problem for low end machines. The next major build will include controls so you can only load in to VRAM what's currently on-screen. That should help!

    Also, it shouldn't just crash if you exceed VRAM - it ought to give you an error message saying that's what happened, so you know. I thought that would be working, I'll double check the code for it...

  • I have the same problem, it�s very bad

    Comparison between Construct and another game creator:

    http://i565.photobucket.com/albums/ss96 ... uctmmf.png

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