Braid-like time mechanics for N objects

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  • Hi,

    I have been trying to implement more braid-like mechanics in construct but I have run into some problems.

    #1 I cant get the method to scale for N objects. The idea is that we save the location of each object every tick. How would I automatically create an array for each object depending on how many objects I have?

    For example, in the cap file below i have doors and keys. If i wanted an infinite number of doors and keys, how would this be implemented?

    #2 For multiple instances of the same object, does each instance have its own private variables? If so, is there a way to reference a particular instance of an object?

    CAP file here:


    1) construct 99.96

    2) 'S' plugin

    3) 'path' plugin

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  • Better late than never I guess.

    You should check out containers. If you add an array, you can set it up as a container for your sprite.

    Each created sprite will then have its own array.

    To pick the sprite, and the array use a private variable.

    - system create sprite

    -- sprite set (private variable) or

    For existing instances in the editor, click it and change it's pv.

    Then during runtime pick via the variable.

    -sprite compare private variable >=< n

    --array do this....

    Supposedly once something is picked its container is too.

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