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  • In my car game every time it hits the wall I deduct from its top speed due to damage.

    The problem is that in a tight hair pin turns you can bounce back and forth so much that the car is wrecked. But If I use the stop command the car stays in contact with the wall and continues to take damage until it can not move.

    Any ideas how make this work?

    I wish you could control, the amount of bounce and dampen it.

  • Only apply the damage while the car is travelling, by checking the velocity.

    Should work.


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  • I got this to work but there has to be a better way. I found it my just guessing. Construct was not very intuitive here. It took me 30 minutes of playing. Coding would have taken 30 seconds.

    Car On Bounce

    Sub-event) Car Is Moving: Car Stop

    (Sub-event) Trigger Once: MaxSpeed - Car[Car].MaxSpeed -25

  • Car behavior isn't something that people use very often so it may have been a little neglected as far as features go. You're on the right track, though... just keep experimenting until you find what works. Even something as feature-heavy as Platform still needs extra events to add functionality to it.

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