bones question?

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  • hi all

    ive been looking at the bones system in constuct and its awsome,well done to the constuct team.

    but what i need to know can you manipulate this system through the event editor.

    like say? stop animation, start animation,only start it at a given condition or stop it.

    when i run a program with bones animation it automatically loops if i turn loops off it plays once,

    i need to controll it on a key press condition.

    if anyone could give me a rough idea to how this is done,i would gladly appreciate it

    thank you.

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  • Behaviors all have their own sets of actions, conditions, and expressions which you can access through the even sheet editor. For example, if your adding an action for a sprite that has the bone behavior, there will be a tab at the top for actions involving the behavior. That's where you'll find all of the controls like stop animation, play animation, change animation, set animation speed, etc.

  • Thanks for the reply linkman

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