Bone Behavior Mirroring Problems

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  • I've been using Construct for a couple years now but I'm still not to familiar with the more complicated aspects of the program and can't for the life of me fix this problem i've been having recently. The game is going to be a side scrolling shooter with zombies and I've decided to use the bone behavior for the majority of the animation.

    I have a the arms following the mouse and the animations play fine when you fire or reload, but the main problem is when i move the mouse behind the character the bones dont mirror correctly, the same happens if i flip them instead.

    The setup I've got is a Sprite(lets call it sprite 1) that follows the mouse at all times and the Sprite with the Bone Behaviour(lets call it sprite 2) sets it's angle to sprite 1. When Sprite 1s angle is greater than 90 but less than 270 then mirror sprite 2.

    I may not have worded that to great so I'll include a cap.

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out in any way.

  • Just add a action to event 4 when the bones are mirrored to invert the angle as well.

    -> bone: Set angle to 360-MouseAim.Angle

    Cool rig btw.

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  • Thank you so much I've been trying to fix that for a couple days now and i never thought of doing that . Thanks for the compliment, this rig was just to test animation mirroring. The actual rig I'm using has a lot more detail in the animation.

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