Bone Behavior Cloning

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  • I've been searching around the forum for this issue, if it's already been addressed, I couldn't find it-

    Can I clone an object with the bone behavior without it using the previous object's bones? I'm trying to create a skeleton for all of my characters, where all of their animations will be held. My plan is to simply clone the skeleton for different characters and have different sprites follow the bones as a skin, so that I won't have to create the same skeleton with most of the same animations for every character.

    I know that copying and pasting an object with the bone behavior will work, but I need to create a different object, so that I can reference it individually in the script. "clone object" should work, but when I clone the skeleton it just uses the original skeleton's bones and the new bones just sit there.

    So, is it possible to clone the bone behavior smoothly, or do I need to tediously recreate the skeleton for every character?

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  • Well, you could give your rigged character a private variable called "type" or whatever, then assign it a name or a number. That way you can use that variable as a condition for picking instances. You could make each sprite that's being used for a bone have several different frames, each corresponding to a different character's costume or whatever, and change the sprite frames accordingly.

    Hell, you could even match up the number for the "type" variable with the proper frame numbers and do something like "Set BoneFamily animation frame to BoneFamily.Value('type')"

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