How to make blinking light in specified time?

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  • Hello again!

    I have an object "Light" and want to create the following:

    • "Light" must be turned OFF in the begining of the application,
    • Then after 10 seconds it must be turned ON and a little blink. And then it again disappears.
    • I want repeat this cycle, for example, 6 times. And after that "Light" must be destroyed.

    Could you explain me as detailed as possible (for Dummie) what conditions, actions and expressions I need to set? Or may be you could make sample .cap file, that I could see visual example and understand it. Please don't write fragments of some events... Because when you write some events discordantly I can't see the full picture.. I need full list of events.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    P.S. Are there any plans to make an online technical support for a number of such issues? (not forum).

  • Ill see what I can do.

    Now when you say "on, and a little blink", do you mean just a blink?

    Edit: Like this?

    I did it with functions, and groups so it will be easier to edit.

    If you want 10 seconds between each blink just copy the function from the start of layout, and past it into the group off, and cut the other function that was there.

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  • Use the timer behavior.

  • newt

    Thank you! I'll try to understand what's what.


    Could you explain more in detail?

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