Bizarre problem with the Image Editor.

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  • <img src="">

    The background seems to have a different funky pattern every time I open it.

    The line with the white around it was drawn with the brush tool. Instead of a circle of color, the brush is a circle of color with a white box around it. Sometimes it'll draw one color while going up and another color while going down. The pencil tool also picks one color to draw with seemingly at random and I cannot change it unless I close the image editor and reopen it.

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Construct several times, but it makes no difference.

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  • I think this has happened to a couple users. From what I understand the most likely cause is your graphics card or drivers. First step is check for updates on the drivers.

  • That's definitely the problem. I have an ancient graphics card.

    Well, I can just use other programs for graphics. I can still probably use the image editor to change a solid color to transparent, so even MS Paint will do.

    Shame I can't fix this, but thanks anyway.

  • Did you try updating your graphics drivers? That can fix this kind of thing.

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