BIG sprite... at least a few?

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  • Hi guys!

    I know this is a classic (no pun intended) question but I've been looking everywhere within the Classic Construct forum without finding an answer.

    I understand the principle of optimisation and the use of small parts to compose a bigger image instead of using 1 BIG sprite, that's fine.

    However, I would like to know if it is still possible to use at least few big sprites in every level ?

    Or is it a red line to never cross?

    I'm working on a PC game and I really would like to use at least few big sprites in every level.

    For instance, 6 or 8 sprites in every level going from a 600x600 pixel size to 1400x1200.

    • almost all of them will have no animation at all.
    • and the few animated one will only have a 2 images animation (600x600 + 600x600)

    Do you think it will really be a concern or is it acceptable?

    Many thanks for your help!


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  • Would be glad to read the opinion of some veterans R0J0hound Jayjay

    I've read the post of Ashley about optimal sprite dimensions but it is about Construct 2 so I guess it's not the same...

    " There are only two guidelines that are important:

    1) Keep all images under 2048x2048

    2) Use power-of-two size textures (32x32, 64x64, 128x128 etc.) for Tiled Background objects only - for sprites, the image size really does not matter. "

    Thanks !

  • If it works then it's fine. The image size is dependent on what graphics cards support, and newer cards support bigger image sizes as well as provide more video ram so even too many images is less of an issue.

  • Thanks you so much R0J0hound !

    So I guess I'll go with few 1400x1200 sprites in each level then.

    Thanks again

  • Yeah, I agree with R0J0hound, a lot of the advice that might have existed for Construct Classic would have been at a time when Non-Power-Of-Two was not as widely supported, let alone the larger sizes.

    However, doesn't mean it's a bad practice to break sprites down where you can! Re-usable graphics are handy to have

  • Alright I get your point, thanks

    Even if today's computers are more powerful I'll try to "save" performance as much as I can.

    I take this opportunity to thanks both of you: all the knowledge you left here and there within this board is hugely appreciable: thanks guys!

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