BIG levels?

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  • I am planning to do an open space 2d platformer... and I want to make things BIG.

    For example, going through the desert to reach to the big town, huge buildings, a mountain in the middle... But I wonder, how big can things be?

    Is there a maximum space size that Construct can handle?

    Can I do the whole game in one space? Can I do some kind of progressive loading and make the game "forget" what is not on sight? Or do I need to create dividers?

    If I create big foreground or background objects, does it take more memory than small ones?

    Basically, what do I need to know or test before I start drawing everything?

  • Not that I know of, but the objects limit is around over 10000+. I'm sure Ashley knows the answer to that.

    Also, making one BIG level could take some time to make, and/or cost in performance. Creating an Occlusion Culling system, such as saving the level in an array, destroying off-screen objects, and putting them back in place when the location is on screen.

    A cool way to make BIG levels quickly is to make an algorithm of generating all aspects of the level; Spawns, Buildings, deserts, whatnot, then saving your favorite generated level and using it in the game.

    This is all my opinion though, and I am not as experienced with Construct as some users here. I'm sure the others would give much better advice than mine. xD

  • Construct doesn't render anything that's offscreen so you're only left with the memory footprint. If you're reusing a lot of sprites you might be able to work with huge layouts tho it's not guaranteed that every plugin can handle humongous dimensions, for example I remember the box2d physics having a limitation of 20000 by 20000 pixels per layout in the past, no idea if there's such a limit currently.

  • old Construct rule.

    Big layouts? yes. as long as they are:

    a) empty (lol)

    b)uses hell alot of tile background and reused sprites.

  • OK, thanks for the feedback!

    I just drawn roughly the world, my entire game area is 15,000 x 3,000, so 20,000 x 20,000 is good!

    10,000 objects but reuse the same sprites and use tile background... Does it mean that I can have as many sprites on my screen as I want, as long they are instances of the same object or tile? Only the source object matters or their number on screen will impact the overall smoothness still?

    Does the size of the object matters? Is it better to use a single big object or of a lot of small ones?

  • If you're going with the reuse sprites for objects, you could maybe make private variables for one object that have different difficulty settings as you progress, so you don't have to keep making objects for the same sprites, with different things for each of them. But I'm not entirely clear on that, myself. But that's an idea to make difficulty settings, or progressive enemies.

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  • When you say private variables, I guess you mean for number of hits and things like that... can it be used for colours or appearance?

    I am trying to create elements that can be reused, like a column from one town to another, by changing its colour only. Going for a second frame of animation works, but i am not sure if I am actually saving anything compared to create another object.

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