What would be the best way to acheive this...?

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  • Hiya everybody, again...

    What would be the most efficient way of handling the movement of multiple objects together at once? I have a platformer based game where the player controls a starship made out of blocks. It's a bit like Terraria in space, I guess...

    Anyway, how could I create a system where the player could go to a command module block and then move the entire ship made of individual block objects (multiple types), even if it's just using the 8-Direciton behaviour?

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  • The simplest method would be to use multiple image points.

  • So... you mean by using a "master" object, and having each block set a image point on the "master" object? That way I they would be able to rotate while keeping the correct position, I think.

    My current way is to use a movement behaviour which is applied to each block. This works, but obviously doesn't work with rotation, so I'll give this ago. Thanks! :D

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