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  • Hey!

    I've posted a lot of technical topics lately, so sorry about that, but I'm beginning to think I'm having a lot more technical difficulties with my copy of Construct than everyone else. I am experiencing really strange bugs that only seem to appear on my computer, so I was wondering if there's any way to benchmark my computer to see if its completely compatible with Construct?

    Also, what SDKs, RTPs and other third party or external resources does Construct use that could be causing errors?

    I'm on a recently installed legal 32-bit copy of Windows Vista Home Premium, and I just recently completely uninstalled Construct and installed the latest unstable version along with the latest versions of the Advanced Camera Plugin as well as the SpriteFont plugin, which are the only third party plugins I use with Construct, so I'm sure none of these things are causing any problems.

    If anyone has suggestions on what I could do or what I could reinstall or troubleshoot, feel free to post here!


  • Is Windows 32 or 64 bit? I had a friend try to run my game on a 64-bit version of Windows and it wouldn't run. It might've been the SSE bug, he hasn't tried it since that's been fixed, but it's a thought.

  • 32-bit.

  • Does Construct use any registry keys that aren't deleted when uninstalling?

  • Bump.

  • Bump

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  • spritefont has caused issues for some people before

    also a new update for windows by MS is causing issues for installing construct lately

    both have mentions in other threads elsewhere on the forum

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