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  • hello, I have 3 problems not solved by the behavior of the enemy.

    1.The characters do weird things when I try to put the player in front and behind the enemy (should work their bodies like a unit.)

    2.When enemy dies his position should go to your real form shadow

    3.When the enemy hits, his animation not working properly and if the player moves the animation does not finish.


  • can anyone help me?

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  • Just had a quick look at your cap...not much time at the moment,but have you tried setting the Z order of your body segments upon creation?...that may sort out the overlapping problems..if not maybe split the parts into 3 families..behind torso,torso and front limbs?...the animation problems would need more time for me to look at...

  • First put EVERYTHING in a family, like green.

    have a variable for each object in the green-family called 'z'.

    have a variable for the body-parts of the player called 'relative z'

    this wil be positive like: 1 or 2 for the parts in front of the body

    or -1, -2 ext for body parts behind the body.

    set the body's 'z' to the shadows y. position

    then always set the body parts 'z' to the body's 'z' + 'relative z'

    then sort for each family green by variable 'z'.

  • I'm trying to do the relative z but not do well,

    � Can fix my cap uploaded to understand it?


    Sorry to make you waste so much time but the bones for a Final Fight style game has major problems .


    There you go

    the body parts are ordered by how they are ordered in the layout editor.

    but the big problem was your player and monster were on 2 separate layers. that won't ever work for overlapping.

    also don't have so many layers

    the most you need is 3 (front ground, middle ground, background)

    maybe more for special effects.

    otherwise just put everything ..EVERYTHING.. in the green family, and give it a 'z' value to say how close to the screen it is. if its on the same layer it will sort itself.


    i like your art style. good luck with the game.

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