[Beginner] Is it possible ?

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  • Hi,

    I want to make a game, and I never made any.

    But I already have ideas so i'm looking for the best tool for my ideas which are all multiplayers (online) games.

    The first game i'd like to make is a real time action RPG-looking. I mean it's not about killing monsters and becoming lvl 100, it's just the same "view", same graphics as the zelda-like. But it would be some sort of arena.

    <font color="red">- I chose construct classic forum because it's community made so for the multiplayer aspect I thought it would be easier, but if all the answers to this are "Yes" for Construct 2, which one should i choose ? -</font>

    So I wonder if it is possible to :

    1- Make online multiplayer games (2-12/16 players) ? --- I saw it is possible with Python, I guess you just have to adapt the tutorial to your game.

    2- Make it easy for players to play online ? (with a lobby maybe ? a gameroom)

    3- Have no lags with it ? (if it's peer to peer then it relies on the host connexion)

    If no multiplayer then dont answer this :P

    Is it possible to :

    4- Move freely, pixel by pixel, not square by square like in Pokemon. I tried the rpg town example and it was square by square.

    5- Making a "large" map (well not very large but larger than the "changing" screens in zelda). In zelda-like, When you leave the screen you are in another screen, like teleported. I'd like to make that a camera focus on the player and follows him though the map which is wider than a "screen".

    5 bis- Otherwise, making a camera like in RTS, warcraft 2/3, commando 2/3, you can move the camera around the map with the mouse.

    6- Adding dark zones where you can't see anything, for example if a player or a unit is behind a tree you can't see him, you vision stops at the tree.

    7- Making a "fighting" system similar to this

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    ? I bet it's possible.

    8- Playing with Xbox pad ?

    Thank you for your help.

  • 1, 2, 3: short answer no. Long answer yes.

    To be blunt: yes it's technically possible but it's not going to happen. There hasn't been ANY games made in CC that have done this. While there are network implementations in both Python (PodSixNet) and other libraries, none of which I've followed lately, extensive networking capabilities aren't there.

    Your third question about lag is closely related to what I said: I recall that even one of the more popular and complete network plugins didn't have interpolation (which is essentially data prediction to contravene the inevitable effects of lag). There haven't been any P2P networking plugin releases that I'd know of so you'd have to utilize traditional sockets anyway.

    All in all networking is something that is more often than not immediately out of question for developers with diminishingly little experience.

    4: Sure, look at the behaviors you can add to objects. Construct isn't a package that supports only certain kind of gameplay similar to, say, RPG maker.

    5: Yeah. You'll just have to have a system that remembers a few numbers that you'll be able to use as positions. It's almost laughably easy once you grasp the concept.

    5b: Can be done instantly with built in features. Just have a sprite with Mouse-behavior and tick Center view on me -attribute. It'll need some tweaking though, because the mouse coordinates will change every tick (the game progresses with ticks that for the sake of convenience can be perceived as frames, although they're not one and the same) and the movement will be very quick.

    If you want to scroll when the mouse touches the edges you'll have to compare the mouse coordinates (mousex,mousey), or whatever you use as a cursor, and move the screen accordingly once the cursor is close enough to a viewport edge.

    6: Definitely. There's a built in behavior for Line of sight that can be utilized. If you mean literal fog of war type of darkness, sure, it's easy too. For example you could have a non-transparent pitch black layer with the Multiply-shader. Once you add white objects (similar to built in object Light) to it it'll show through. There's so many ways to do this.

    7: Of course you could. "Anything" is possible gameplaywise. Think of it as a tool, not a mold.

    8: Yeah, in fact it's a built in feature.

    Edit: Disregarding the first three points it doesn't really make a difference whether you want to work with Construct Classic or Construct 2. CC is in its own right more mature and has plenty of 3rd party plugins around. CC also has stackable HLSL shaders, which elevate its graphical capabilities beyond outstanding. C2 on the other hand has had a much more structured approach on its development and is quickly approaching CC's level in both performance and features. C2 however isn't there just yet. C2 does have much more support though, CC is essentially a community supported piece of software nowadays.

    CC is open source and isn't restricted like the free version of C2 is so you might find it more comfortable to learn game development with. Either way knowledge on CC translates to C2 and other way round in case you want to make a switch at some point.

  • "C2 however isn't there just yet" ?? i dont understand (sorry i'm not english)

    The problem with this is I dislike solo games and I only want to make multiplayer games... All the gameplay is based on this multiplayer feature. With lags or delay it would be sh*t (0.25 s may be acceptable) so I dunno how I should proceed.

    Anyway, already thank you !

    PS : i can't post or reply with mozilla o_0 must take IE

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  • "yes it's technically possible but it's not going to happen. There hasn't been ANY games made in CC that have done this. While there are network implementations in both Python (PodSixNet) and other libraries, none of which I've followed lately, extensive networking capabilities aren't there."

    well if i read messages about this on construct they all give very good feedback, maybe nobody had a good gameplay concept ? (lol ridiculous me)

    i don't want to make a mmorpg it's only for 10 people in the same game, lol you see how I'm desperate and how little is my knowledge...

  • There are a few unfinished or partially functional network plugins for CC around the place... probably the most common/finished one is a plugin by scidave, though it suffers from a few packet leaks and other issues that make it ultimately a little unstable.

    Arsonide was working on something, a plugin that used the Raknet library. He got that to a nice working state, but I'm unsure if it was ever released? We were testing out 2-3 connections with about 500 AI server controlled objects... and it ran pretty smooth.

    Maybe you can try to PM Arsonide and see if he has any news :)


  • I'm interested in what Arsonide is doing, too. I had no idea about that. I want to make a simple 2-player adventure game that connects to the internet, where 2 people can play online. But I was certain this wasn't possible.

    Arsonide, where are you!!!??? :-)

  • "with about 500 AI server controlled objects... and it ran pretty smooth"

    So if you reduce by 10 this number and allow more people to play together it will be playable ? lol

    Well this is very interesting, thank you but apparently Zotged thought it would still lag a lot.

  • With SciDave's released plugin, online is possible but best on LAN, as between-country/packet dropping traffic seems to break the plugin. Interpolation still needs to be done yourself, but there should be many tutorials for that on the Internet.

    I made an MMO chat game a while back and it's open source if you'd like to learn from it: Pixel People Online

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