A beginner issue with animations...

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  • Well I guess I'll start off with my .cap-


    After fiddling for a while, I seem to have fixed one problem, but a new one has arisen, and one still remains. For one, sometimes when "Guy" lands, he get's stuck in the falling animation, and seems to 'jitter' slightly. Secondly, when I press "right control" (the "attack1" key) while moving, Guy plays the animation "movingattack1", which is what I want to happen. But after the animation is done, he stays in the last frame of it until I let go of a movement key. how can I get him to go back to the standard "moving" animation?

    Controls are WASD for movement, and Right Control for attack. Any help is appreciated!

    Also, yes, the animations/sprites in general are pretty low-grade, I just want to get things working first. Then I'll polish those up.

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  • I haven't gotten around do doing animations and I'm more of a newbie than you, but here's a uglyfix for the movingattack freeze until someone that works with animations can help you. What it does make it do the "moving" animation when no other animations are playing.




    BTW, your cap run at 15 FPS on my computer. I don't know if that's what you are going for. And when I watched the Guy animations in debug, for some reason it just doesn't seem like "movingattack" resets or ever finishes, so the on "movingattack" finishes event never triggers.

    The jittering, I believe is a new bug for this current build.

  • Well I fixed the hanging attack animation thing using your method, I just expanded upon it by adding a check for whether Guy is moving or not, and played the moving/standing animation accordingly. As for the jittering bug, there's not a fix or workaround available? Darn, guess I'll just wait till next release.

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