Battle plan editor and Spaceship loader.

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  • Hello guys! That's my first post so: I'm Felix (hello Felix!) and I'm currently working on Untitled Space Strategy Game.

    It's not normal game but something like GSB or BF but with more strategy and tactics elements (I wish ).

    Ok. I'm working on it... Working on it... Working and working... And I've got problems and I need your help :]

    1. BPE

    In my game you plan every battle and then your units execute your plan. Ofc player need "Battle Plan Editor" for it (BPE) and that's the first problem. I made big green box with unit in it and ability to make waypoints for this unit. Now:

    1.1. How to add more than one ship? Of course with ability to view only her (I always use female article for ship ) waypoints? I made private var. for every marker/waypoint which is number of unit but it's not pretty good.

    1.2. How to save BP (Battle Plan)? You've got 1-20 divisions in it and all can has max. 31 waypoints! It's huge! Of course I must use loop but how to get X and Y of object (marker) which is duplicated hundreds of times?

    2. Spaceship loader

    I made spaceships. Some battlecruiser, light cruisers, frigates etc. They've got guns, engines, sometimes lights and shields. I want to easily add them to battles, remove them, save modifications etc.

    2.1. I want to save data to file (or if you've got better idea...) and if I need battlecruiser then load battlecruiser with all guns, shields, engines and lights. Is it possible to make this in Construct?

    I hope you'll help and... understand my English


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