Basic question involving the usage of image points.

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  • I have a sprite, I created some image points and named them. Then, I want another object to stick to one of the image points. How do I refer to the point's coordinates? Tried to do it by clicking the object in the window in the lower part of the screen, but it just doesn't see my image points.

  • I have no idea what you mean by clicking the object in the lower part of the screen but

    the way that you stick something to it is action

    Set Object To Another Object's Position

    and there is an option for an imagepoint there, and you either type the number or name of the imagepoint after choosing the object

    the way you refer to the coordinates in any case where you can type an expression is

    objectname.Imagepointx("imagepointname") (or the number without quotes)

    and objectpoint.imagepointy("imagepointname")

  • I know it. I tried it the way you describe, but I'm not really sure what to type in the brackets. Neither the point's name nor a number work.


    made with latest version

    each always event shows a possible method

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  • Here's another example, with a way that you can use multiple image points:

    Check out the private variables on the individual satellites, and the image points on the orbit object. The strings match, so you can use that with a 'for each' condition to easily set them all to the correct position.

    Also be sure not to include quotes around the strings in variable editors for private and global variables, but do use them in any expressions in your actions. Construct is a bit ambiguous there.

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