Background Scrolling and the Layout Object questio

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  • Hello again. RandomDood with another random question.

    I am using multiple layout objects to show parts of scenes from other layouts. However when I change the scrolling rate of the layers for those layouts, they don't scroll at the rate I set in the layout objects are using.

    Can someone help me?

  • I remember the layout object didn't work so great/might have been buggy, can you give an example cap file?

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    I made this quick example which is pretty much the issue. I have 2 layouts, layout 1 has a layout object that displays layout 2. Layout 2 has 3 layers each with objects and different scroll X rates (the darker the object the lower the layer its on) Normally a layer with a lower scroll rate would move slower than the others, but it does not show this in layout 1 with the layout object.

  • Yeah, this looks like an issue in the layer object from what I can see. Is there any reason why you're using layer object to do this though? (eg: to re-use skyboxes?)

  • Multiple levels that are all interconnected. I was using the Layout object to display parts of different levels/layouts and their changes in real time. And that skybox thing isn't a bad idea either.

    My area of practice is art so sometimes I can get a little obsessed with getting everything to look visually perfect.

  • Would anyone happen to know what formula or code the scrolling uses in the program? I could hard code the movements in directly as a work around.

  • You could instead do this for each object:

    Start of layout: object.value('offsetX') = object.X - ScrollX

    Always: Set object.X to ScrollX + object.value('offsetX')

    And I think that'd scroll it as you move the screen, not sure as I haven't tested

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