AVI Object issues.

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  • I'm having a problem with the AVI object. Basically, I need to play a movie file then skip to the next layout and then exit the game.

    I'm using the Timer behaviour to check the time passed since layout start, and as soon as it reaches the duration of the AVI file, I tell it to switch to the next layout. The problem is the AVI object does not dissapear - it is still visible on top of my second layout. In addition, when the second layout finishes and the game is supposed to exit, it crashes with a program error, which seems to be AVI-related - without the AVI object, the game exits fine. I've already tried various forum suggestions, such as disabling the XAudio2 object, but it doesn't help.

    I'm running Windows XP 64-bit with Service Pack 2 and the latest stable Construct. Tried it with the .44 unstable build, but the problem persists. The video was encoded in Mpeg-4.

    Any solutions would be much appreciated.

  • The problem doesn't seem to be related to the codec. I've just tried an uncompressed AVI, but the issue persists.

  • Anyone know the status on fixing this AVI object?

    'Cause when it gets fixed, Construct could then be used as a piece of rather powerful multimedia presentation software. I've been trying to find something like powerpoint that does video too and this is the closest thing i've found so far except that the video does not go away when moving to the next layout.

    Please fix this!

  • Doubtful if this gets changed. The Avi object is more or less a cookie cutter plugin, meaning they made it as simple as possible. Whats really needed is a new object that doesn't rely on Windows controls.

    So until C2 comes around, or someone out there decides to make a new plug....

    Now if you don't want to wait you could use a Python module to open a new window and play the file.

  • Damn. That is sad news.

    Do you know how that would work in Python? Would it be a smooth enough transition to be good enough for a presentation style setting?

  • The video was encoded in Mpeg-4.

    You may run into issues with Python since the AAC (Mpeg-4) codec is not supported well. For example, your best bets are Pyglet, Pymedia, or Pygame. However, what what I can tell they do not support Mpeg-4. http://www.pyglet.org/doc/programming_g ... types.html

    If you go the Python route, you would have to convert the video to a different supported type. The other issue is that you can't display the video to Construct's window, it would be the Pygame or Pyglet surface/window. You could work around this by setting the Python surface to that of Construct and making it borderless. Then with Python you would destroy the surface you created once the video is done.

    So this isn't a simple process.

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  • Sigh. That's what i thought. Thanks for humoring me anyways!

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