Auto Zoom?

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    Pretty likes this, expect what the Camera to zoom in as the player gets close to the enemy. I've seen that other one, but I'm using MagiCam/Advance Camera. So, if anyone has any idea, I'm open for it.

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  • That's one of the things that I've been working to add to the MagiCam plugin. I'll look into finishing it up soon.

  • Set the zoom based on the distance between the players.

  • Hmm. I'll Look in to that.

    Doesn't seem to work. X Zoom works, but Y Zoom... seems to mess up.

    I set X and Y Zoom at 50, and the camera spazzes out.

    Also, it Zooms in as they are farther apart. I want it to zoom out the more apart they are from each other. I tried a negative number, but it flip the screen.

  • Even if you don't want to use the auto-zoom-engine, why not take a look? And then just copy the parts that do what you need

  • Just updated the MagiCam plugin with a zoom to fit feature. Check it out here.

    In case you're curious, the way I handle it in the plugin is that I first find which objects are the farthest left, right, up, and down, with the respective X/Y coordinates specified as:

    farLeft, farRight, farTop, forBottom[/code:3fhfk5h5]
    The formula for figuring out the zoom value is then:
    [code:3fhfk5h5]// Find the distance between the extreme horizontal and vertical positions
    SpaceX = abs(farLeft - farRight)
    SpaceY = abs(farTop - farBottom)
    // Calculate what the zoom needs to be on each axis to encompass all objects
    TempZoomX = WinWidth / (SpaceX + ((HorizontalMargin * 2) / (WinWidth / SpaceX))
    TempZoomY = WinHeight / (SpaceY + ((VerticalMargin * 2) / (WinHeight / SpaceY))
    // Find the smallest zoom value
    FinalZoom = min(TempZoomX, TempZoomY)
    // Set the zoom to the smallest zoom value
    ZoomX = FinalZoom
    ZoomY = FinalZoom[/code:3fhfk5h5]
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