Auto-mirror issue when moving to new layout [SOLVED]

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  • I have a global player sprite object. Platform behavior. Auto-mirror toggled on.

    I have an event that moves to layout "level2."

    The problem is that in the new layout my player sprite doesn't auto-mirror anymore. Movement and collision work just as they did in the previous layout, all of the animations work the same too.

    The only thing that changes between the two layouts is that in the second one my character faces one direction no matter which direction he is moving in.

    Oddly enough I was able to mirror him by setting his angle to 180, but then I still had the same problem where when his movement direction changed he remained facing left now instead of perpetually right.

    I'd really appreciate any help you could offer. If you need to see screenshots or would like me to upload my .cap file, I will. I hope that I've been clear enough that that won't be required though.

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    I toggled "auto-rotate" on in platform control.

    Before I must have only had "auto-mirror" on. Or something. Not entirely sure why this helped. Maybe I had neglected to test it properly and it wasn't mirroring in either layout.

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