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  • how do you define the output of the audio converter?

    Please help

    extended:people are saying make it clearer so here goes, i was wondering if there is a way to select the output file type, (eg.mp3). but in a way so the person using the program can select it instead of having a set type which cannot be changed

  • Could you rephrase your question so it's a little more clear what you're asking?

    By the way, the correct syntax for a global variable is: Global('Lives')

  • 1.does it really matter what that global thing is it was just an example

    2.don't worry I've just figured out the first one but i need an answer for the second still

  • do bumps work in this forum?

  • Do you mean file type, codec, file name, or what? That's what Ashley means when he asks you to be a little more clear. What are you trying to do?

    Bumping without getting more specific isn't going to help.

  • Hello! I address with the same problem - how to correctly use AudioConverter?

    Unfortunately, I never found documentation under this subject.

  • The AudioConverter seems pretty buggy, especially on Windows 8+ (no crashing in preview but unable to convert files, crashing in exported exe so can't test conversion)

    However, I think this is one way of using AudioConverter correctly code-wise:

  • The AudioConverter seems pretty buggy, especially on Windows 8+ (no crashing in preview but unable to convert files, crashing in exported exe so can't test conversion)

    Okay, I'm in my game need to convert mp3-file to ogg. Location of the source file is taken from FileDialogue. How to implement it?

  • Your best bet might be to run an external EXE from within Construct and pass parameters. I've read this might do what you need:

    (as an alternative to the Linux dir2ogg)

    However, there is some special licensing stuff when it comes to MP3s and tools, so you might want to see if it's worth including a converter at all:

    Edit: Should be able to start another program with the File object action "Execute File"

  • And it is possible any working example?

  • Do you mean an example of running an external file from within your game/program made in Construct Classic? Otherwise, I don't believe anyone has made an example of using fre:ac to convert MP3 to Ogg in the forums, but it might have a readme.txt file on how to convert files from a command-line parameter.

    This is definitely not an easy task, and would almost be harder to code than to make a simple PDF guide for your users to convert MP3 to OGG themselves. Is it absolutely necessary to convert MP3 to Ogg inside your game/program?

  • Yes, must. In principle, third-party libraries can be put next to the game or import it as a resource, but the conversion is needed right in the game. Generally, in the Construct Classic has an option to insert scripts Pyton, there may be solutions based on it?

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  • toby3d Again, the best method is probably downloading Fre:ac and putting it in the same folder with the CC program, then calling it from the File object with the parameters in the command. This *should* work.

    Try playing around with Fre:ac as it has a command-line option for conversion, you can try to do it from Python too but if you can get it running from Construct then there's no need for including the dependency on Python (unless you're already using Python?)

  • Are looking for a free audio converter

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