Apparent Variable Confusion. (Plus another random idea)

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  • Well, here I was just minding my own business playing with some effects when I decided I'd start making a window system for a sort of vague OS-feel UI in maybe say a hacking game :ninja:

    Anyway I wanted to make them dynamically scalable so I set up a function to update the width of the window box and effect underlay, and when I run it the box seems to use 'newwidthsize' in place of 'newheightsize' - while still using it in its own place. Thusly the windows can only be sized into a perfect square. This is really annoying me as when I put in a straight integer it works fine but this variable input is breaking (I hate problems that aren't my fault).

    And while I'm here, are there any plans to implement set X/Y to the Edit Box object? It would be rather handy.

    Oh one other thing - A "Last Key Pressed" output for the Mouse&Keyboard object would be good, so if I wanted to make a custom edit box to get around the lack of being able to move the default one, I don't have to have one event for every single character.

    I think I had more thoughts right now but they must not have been important, since I appear to have completely forgotten what they were.

    Nevermind, figured out a workaround. For some reason, only one private variable of the Box object can be used and all variables after that are ignored. I just used a Sprite control, since I never had any problem with Sprite Private variables. Works fine, although it's definitely a problem.

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