can anyone use this?

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    run layout 2 only!,,, the green box is what u need to watch, came up with a "smart" enemy ai that not only knows if its by a ledge but knows how to follow u up platforms and beyond, though i have not added any "follow" scripts just yet, once i have the more intermediate ai implemented with this i will have made the most,,,,,annoying,,,,enemy anyone has ever known muahahahahaha. the concept is up for grabs for anyone that wants to use it. NOTE: the green box will only jump onto platforms if you are higher than him, so take a look and let me know what u think

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  • doesn't platform school have an example like this?

  • yes, "has wall to right, jump, has wall to left jump. im talkin about platforms suspend in the air. scattered platforms that a monster is able to navigate VERY efficiently, and can be tweaked to be even more complex, this isnt your everyday move towards player monster.

  • that and what if i told u im taking 10 steps further and making ai that no only can navigate multiple levels of platforms, but once the ai has line of site to u, that ai can track u down no matter where u hide and even when LOS is lost? and completely independant of human input

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