Can anyone help me with some Bone character example?

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  • Hi,

    Im working on a game. But im having deficulty with Bones.

    My main character is made with some simple bone structure. But frankly, he dosnt like very good. The animations looks stupid. Im not an expert on this.

    Im looking for some examples on some bone character like this one:

    (this is also made with construct)

    Offcourse the examples dosnt have to look as smooth/good as this one. But just something where the char can hold a gun, and point around. Like in the example.

    Any help would be great!

    So if anyone has anything to share, then please do!


  • Creating animations with Construct bones is very tough, especially if you don't know animation in general. Not saying you don't know how to animate, but even for me (I'm an animator), it's one of the most cumbersome animation tools I've ever used.

    One thing that helped me was creating very quick sketches of the animation in Photoshop, then importing that into Construct and using it as a template for the bone animation. It really helps to plan out what you want in advance.

    Hope that helps a little.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I agree, it is hard work to make it look good, and making smooth animation.

    I'll take your advice and some patience

    Thanks for the tip!

  • There were meant to be some revisions to the Bone system for the animation side of things.. such as a timeline so you can drag a slider back and forth to see how the keyframes look during tweening.

    This would help a great deal in perfecting the movement of various things, like legs for a walking animation... body "bob" and more natural looking movement in general.

    Currently as you know, the result tends to yield a strange "skating" or "floating" look when you animate legs/walking in particular. If you have a reasonably good grasp on how animation works you can usually mess with it enough to get a good result, but as UberLou said it tends to lend itself to being a pain in the butt.

    I have recently started playing with bone animated characters again... and I for one welcome the proposed revisions.

    Having said all of that, the fact that a bone system even exists is fantastic. Without it, we would be limited to old-fashioned animating, or having to learn some freakish math to make IK solvers and stuff like that.

    Nothing wrong with being wishful as long as you are grateful as well.


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  • I totally agree. its awesome that we have this feature. Withought it i would be doomed!

    Anyways, sounds awesome with the proposed revisions. I would love to see that happen as well. Would be much easier. And something a little more familiar like flash animation.

    But i've seen a couple of bone animations here on the forums. Some look pretty *aam nice to be honest. i guess a little patience works wonders.

    Im gonna try to read on some animation to learn a little more in the meantime

    Thanks for the input.



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