Can anyone Explaine this to me ?

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  • Why is the balls speed not gooing straight up ?

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  • See lines 12 and 13. If neither of these events are true (which is down to random chance), then tickx('speed') is 0, so 'normspeed' stays the same. Where are you going with this anyway? Is it some crazy game? :S

    By the way... you can add attachments to any posts... you dont have to put them all in the upload forum!

  • What? I don't think you can.. I'm not getting the option whenever I add a new post on this section. Maybe it is showing up for you because you are an admin?

  • Oh... maybe... when I'm typing my reply, there's a list of checkboxes at the bottom, with a tab 'Options'. Next to it is an 'Upload attachment' tab. Do you not see that?

  • The options are there, but there is indeed no upload or attach (other than signature).

  • Yup Ashley,

    There is a Norm variable, and if one of conditions is met, there will be a new Norm.

    Thats is correct.

    Nope, lol, this is not gonna be a game. I am just diving and diving into "how to capture

    behaviors by events", without missing even one collision.

    Here is was looking for the optimal speed where the most of collisions made by a ball behavior get captured.

    I expected the speed to go straight up. Then i would alter the ticks to find the optimal speed, expecting the speed would stabilize when changing the time window the event is checking in.

    But i did not expect the speed to "wiggle" like this. Guess there is a Big Random part in what i try to measure.

    And i do start to realize now that there is no optimal speed where the events make the most collision detections done by a ball behavior.

    Sorry if u think i dont make sense, lol. Guess i start to write my beginners post about Ghost Sensors.


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