anyone who has a cap that crashes, try this

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  • if you have a crashing cap, try replacing all the calls to families, with calls to all the family members, then remove all families from the cap completely

    I have a crash in my current game cap that stops happening when you remove families from the cap. it isn't enough to just remove all the events that refer to families, you have to remove the families themselves.

    I also found a bug report about line of sight crashes, and tried the same thing. the crash stopped happening when I removed families from the bug report cap

    if anyone has a cap that crashes and this fix works, and it's a cap you can post here, please do so

    if you can't or won't post it, at least report back here so we can try and narrow down the problem, because I know often times people use families with no problems

    I've posted a bug report to the tracker as well

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