Animations Totally Bugged?

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  • I've been driving my self crazy to get some animations working -- notably a run startup. I noticed that Animation Finished doesn't work (and was reported). Then I noted animation playing didn't work. Then I noticed animations don't ever seem to reset. Or that frame number checks don't work... Or basically anything but the very basic 'play this animation' events. Am I doing something wrong?

    Note that the code is a mess as I was just trying to find events to illicit some form of response (in this case, destroying the sprite. Also, do sub animations serve any real purpose besides organization? I was hoping there would be someway to play one animation into another, but that seems impossible currently.

    Once I'm sure this is a 'bug' (at the very least it's poorly implemented) I'll throw it up on the tracker if these things haven't already.

    (Also don't let anyone tell you that the creator of IWBTG has to steal sprites because he has no artistic talent! :3 )

    For File.

    Edit: Ouch, apparently the animation finished problem should be fixed. Guess not.

  • Many of the animation functions are incomplete. What I've done to get around common problems is to use object variable instead of animation name functions, and in certain situations adding the "Set Animation Frame to 1" condition as (opposed to MMF) animations are meant to be contiguous in Construct (switching animations retains animation frame number, currently causing problems when switching to animations with differing frame counts).

    Try doing that, and report back.

  • Not really too much help here. Set animation frame to 1 seems to work fine I suppose, but I hit a dead end again when I realized I don't have a way to detect what frame an animation is on (D: I'm going to seriously need that eventually). I'm sure I could somehow work someway around this -- something, like a timer to go with it -- but honestly, these are some basic features and I think I might be patient enough to wait for Ashely to get to -- instead of pulling my hair out now.

    Unless there is a way to detect frame number Then I think I can get this to work.

  • It may just be my specific project allowed for this, but I had the gall and patience to force my animation frames on Construct one-at-a-time. Ended up being a good thing, as I am able to now throttle my animation "speeds" according to any number of factors now.

    But yes I agree - Ash, please make the animation system, a substantial main feature of the project, a higher priority than it currently is to fix/work/finish.

  • I noticed that Animation Finished doesn't work (and was reported). Then I noted animation playing didn't work.

    Both these are fixed in the next build, which should be out soon. If there are still problems with animations after that, add them to the tracker and I'll try and get on top of them ASAP.

  • You are a saint. I'll be trying my best to break the animation syustem.

  • This is probably why I still had weirdness with animation finish in the new version. Something is off between this when used as a group or not.

  • Can you confirm if these problems still exist in 0.96.2? Thanks.

  • I don't think you can change the animation speed via events.

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  • I can confirm that the animations still dont work as they should.

    The switching from one animation to another in events/actions is perfect now,

    but ...

    the animation do not always play after switching .. or should i say 'seldom'.

  • No reaction Rich ? Hmmmz

  • That file looks fine to me. If you're wondering why Bounce doesn't play it's because you have it set to always play climb when it's going up.

    Also, using Always to set animations definitely isn't the way to do it.. you only want to set them once.

  • My Gosh ! You cant read events. I have been to optimistic in trying to bring sense in all this.

    LMFAO you can not even read 5 events properly.

    Oh dude have a nice day. And go do something else. LMFAOO.

    You guys have no idea how to build something , if you cant even read 5 events.

  • Sadly I searched your post for a hint of a joke and didn't find one.

    As you removed the attachment I can't take you up fully on what you said, but I'll try from memory. You had an always event setting an animation to Bounce, when it was less than 60 pixels from the floor. What do you expect to happen? Couple that with the fact the animation speed is ridiculously fast and you'd never be able to see the animation play. For what it's worth I added an 'only trigger once' to the Bounce event, and disabled gravity. The animation played fine. I don't know what you're used to programming with but using Always events to change things that only need changing once is an awful idea and will not work. I'd recommend that animations are switched just once, are set to an appropriate speed, and then you'll note that they work.

  • TheInstance, Rich has written parts of Construct. I don't think he deserves that attitude - I'm guessing he knows the most about the topic at hand. He is right that you should not set animations in an Always event - you should set an animation once, then it will continue to play from that moment.

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