Animations stopping unexpectedly (solved)

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  • What sorts of things can cause a Sprite's animation to completely stop, besides calling "Pause animation"? I've got some characters running around in a particular project, and occasionally they completely lock up - no movement, no animation, etc. Other Sprites don't have this issue. This is a recent problem, and they have been working without issue up until now, and without any changes being made to the animations themselves, or even to the properties page of the Sprite.

    Just not sure where to hunt for this bug. Thanks!

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  • Hi. The most common problem that I've seen that will cause animations to get 'stuck' is having a flaw in the logic of the event sheets somewhere.

    Usually, where it's intended to set an animation upon some state change, but not taking into account that the event will continue to trigger every tick, thus resetting it to the same frame every tick. The same could go for movement, too.

    In such a case, one needs to make sure that the event triggered only once while that state remains true.

    I can't really think of another reason at the moment.

  • Turns out, in this case, that it (and some other odd incredibly problems that were cropping up and making my game completely unplayable) were due to a stray "System: OR" in a completely unrelated section of my script. I don't know how it got there, frankly, since I don't use the OR condition, and am well aware that it's bugged. But there it was, mocking me. (Any chance that could happen due to Construct corrupting the file when saving?)

    Also interesting is the fact that I have specific checks before setting any animation about whether that animation is already playing, and those were completely bypassed. So that's doubly strange.

    Anyway, problem solved, and I hope that the "OR" condition is fixed at some point.

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