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  • Am I the -only- person not able to get anything animated?

    No matter what my conditions are, the only animation I can get sprites to play is the default one.

    Also don't get me started on how clunky the animation editor is, but I'm sure it's getting fixed. I can't delete animations, or preview them, reorder them, copy or paste them (unless I do it frame by frame), also what's the difference between an animation and a sub-animation? In any case, I'm sure this has all been said before so I digress to my original problem..

    Anyone got something to help?

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  • I'm using private variables to animate.

    Animation frame number AFAIR is 1-based.

    It is really hard to use current Animation Editor, so I can only advice to carefully prepare sprites in (for example) TGF editor and then paste frame by frame. One mistake and everything must be done from beginning <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" />.

  • Seems to be working for me. Are you using quotes around the animation name when setting the animation?

  • I'm able to set animations properly as well, but yeah, we definitely need the animation editor fleshed out a little more.

  • Yeah like for example my code is similar to this:

    1 If private variable "moving" = 1

    Set animation to "walking"

    2 If private variable "moving" <> 1

    Set animation to "Default"

    And all I ever get is default, even when "moving" = 1.

    Am I supposed to set the animation AND play it? cause if I do the same thing happens...

    Hmm I just tried what I put there, if I put a trigger once while true event in it seems to work. FINALLY, perhaps it was constantly playing the animation from frame 1 and before frame 1 was finished it had restarted the animation and my frame 1 of walking was the same as frame 1 default...

    I guess that explains it!

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