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  • Why is Construct's animation sequences so akward??.I have to go through a lot of sub events just to get the char to go to the attack animation.If it's done incorrectly then the char looks like he is having an epileptic fit.With GM i just change the instance to a new sprite and it work's perfectly ,I tried the same with Construct but still the char goes spastic.

    Is there an easier way to create events for attack , roll , or climbing animations.I do not want to switch over to GM just because of this annoying problem.

    Some help would be appreciated.

  • Do You know, that You don't have to put the animations into sub-animation folders? Then You can just change the animation to Object.Animation("AnimationName"), depending on what Event You directly want to trigger it with.

  • Shindoh :I tried that method as well.You see the problem is this ,When a walking animation is already playing while the char is walking and i want to change that animation to a throw knifes animation it won't play the throw knifes animation.It works when i have a lot of sub event's running.why couldn't it just be like when i press x then play the throw knifes animation and when that anim is finished then go back to idle or walking animation , depending on what the char is doing.

    GML makes more sense to me because i am used to scripting rather than drag &drop commands.I made a game with GM where the character has 5 different attacks and 5 different death animations.When i tried the same with Construct using variables and subevent's i only got 3 different anims to work properly.I wish Construct had an option for proper scripts rather than event's.

  • I'm so tired of reading those "program x is sooo much better, because CC doesn't work like I'm used to with program x" complaints. Of course, you can't use CC like GM - it isn't GM. Like you can't fly a plane if you only learned how to drive a car.

    Construct gives you total freedom over controlling animations. You can start, pause, resume and restart them, set specific frames, change the speed and even move a frame's pivot point - and that all in realtime, while the game is running. I'm surprised, how easy it still is to make changes, although its level of influence is so deep!

    I don't need "a lot of sub event's running", or "using variables and subevents". All I need are 2 events to exactly have the described functionality. Maybe it is better to learn how CC works, instead of expecting it to behave like GM, XNA and others you always compare it with?

  • Your animations are conflicting (multiple animations trying to play at the same time). Youll want to use event groups and variables to make sure only certain animations play at certain times.

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  • "I don't need "a lot of sub event's running", or "using variables and subevents". All I need are 2 events to exactly have the described functionality. Maybe it is better to learn how CC works, instead of expecting it to behave like GM, XNA and others you always compare it with?"

    Perhaps you could show this with a cap demo on how this can be achieved Tulamide. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Did you check out Velojet's Building a Platform Game-A Beginner's Tutorial? He covers switching animations in response to platform events nicely.

    BTW, I had lots of problems with twitching characters when I tried to use a platformer behavior and a physics behavior on the same object. You need to disable one before using the other.

  • kittiewan thnx for the help.But the question was how could i make different animations easier using less even'ts and actions.Tulamide has yet to show me how this can be done in just two events.Event grouping does help but there's a delay when event's are grouped ie i have to press the attack button twice to activate the attack animation event.

    I always compare different apps ,to see which one works better until someone can show me that the other app is indeed easier or better through an example or demo.As the old saying goes , Actions speak louder than words.

  • I feel your pain. I'm having a lot of issues with animations playing at the same time / being prioritized in the wrong order too. My last animation issue was solved by simply going to bed after an hour of failed attempts, and trying again in the morning with a clear mind. It's surprisingly effective!

    Would you be able to take a screenshot of your current animation events list? That way I might be able to give some more detailed feedback, and I'm sure some more experienced CC users will be able to as well <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thnx silver for understanding me.Here is a cap of the animation trouble i am having.This was done with Classic Construct R2.I only want the char to have a proper attack animation.

    download cap file

  • This is how i usually do attack animations , The long winded way.The char has platform movements.X to shoot.Made with classic construct r2.

    A big thank you goes out to Brent Anderson, for the fantastic and free sprites.

    Download Cap file

  • Man, what a ball-ache.

    Okay here's what I've come up with after tweaking things a bit with simplicity in mind:

    This still has issues. The animation is set to NOT loop, so looks odd when you keep the X button held down while moving. It's like he slides along the ground. I'm still a complete noobie to Construct so I don't have the answers.

    What I would do in this situation, is create a different attack anim for running, that merges the arm thrust with the basic leg movement of the run anim, and then also includes the basic run animation afterwards as a part of the attack animation. I would set the animation to repeat, but from the frame number where the basic run anim beguns. It would then appear to show the character doing his attack, and then continuing to run until the X button is pressed again to initiate another attack.

    Hope that makes sense ._.

    I'm sure there's a better way of doing this, but I'm just as confused by Construct as you are <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle"> That's why I love the community though. Most of the time people jump at the chance to help!

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