Animation system... step-by-step guide?

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  • Is there a step-by-step guide to Construct's animation system? I'm talking a guide that goes from opening the editor to importing your frames... everything.

  • Anyone with any information at all, I'd really appreciate the help. I cannot make sense of the animation frame editor. I have my frames loaded, and I can make them play when running the layout, but it just plays them all at once really fast and keeps looping. I'm guessing there are event commands to be used in conjunction, but since I'm new tot his program I'm not really sure how to open on this.

    The tutorials I've seen don't appear to be useful in really explaining all of this step-by-step.

    I'm just trying to get some of the animation frames to play automatically, and some of the frames to be controlled by joystick.

    Everyone here uses the animation frame editor, so I i'd imagine there must be a number of different approaches, and I'm open to hearing whatever you know.

  • If you look at the panel at the left of the screen, there's a speed setting for each animation. Click on the animation in the animation panel on the right, then set the speed on the left. You can decide there if it loops or not, also.

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  • Thanks Madster!

    Before I continue (I probably should enter this as a bug) I'm getting a horrible system crash when Construct is open. it doesn't happen immediately, but after so many minutes it crashes. This didn't happen at al until I started using the animation frame editor. My system has crashed 4 times now. I don't know what to do about this one... it could perhaps be a program-killer for me.

    Now, about the animations... what I still can't can't find is how to assign movements to different controller commands. For example, one animation shows a player being idle but moving, another shows the player throwing (which is actually 3 or 4 frames). I just don't see where to assign the movements to controller/keyboard commands, like 'A' would play the 3-4 frames of him throwing, 'B' would make him spin or something...

  • You use events for that.

    MouseKeyboard object -> Check for control press -> Set sprite animation.

    You should go through my Platform School tutorials, they show how to do all of this. Be sure to read the big, flashing warning at the top:

    As for Construct crashing when you use the animation editor... what kind of graphics card do you have? You may be running out of VRAM.

  • Thanks DeadEye.

    The CPU I'm running Construct on has an NVidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430.

    I haven't been getting any crashes today, my fingers are crossed.

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