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  • I don't know if it is just me or something, but I ALWAYS have problems with getting animations to work right. I am having an especially difficult time right now, I am trying to change the animation state of a gun on my character, but instead of it changing it wants to be all stubborn. I have tried so many things. I have renamed the animation, I have made a new animation, I have edited the animation, I have tried changing up the sequence it is called in. I don't know what to do. Does anyone else have animation problems? And if so how do you deal with them?

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  • Animation problems are quite common. Unfortunately it's also common to post about a vague problem without even providing a cap file demonstrating it. I would have to guess, since I can't see the events you're using to control your animations.

    So please provide a cap. I'm positive it'll be a pretty simple problem. But I'd rather not guess...

  • I had a feeling someone would need to see the .cap. I was just wary of posting it, but since that is what is needed, I shall.

    Basically I have it something like this.

    If gun = holstered
          gun animation = holstered[/code:2ct1w8ib]
    At first, it would only play the holstered animation. Now it won't play the holstered animation.
    It's under the group combat, under the group weapons, under the group Falcon, under the group Holstered.
    I forgot the controls. Sorry.
    W switches weapons, A and D move, Shift jumps, Mouse to aim, Left click to shoot.
  • Event #16 under Combat\Weapons\Falcon:

    + psidea: Value 'name' Equal to "Falcon"
    -> psidea: Set animation to "Falcon"
    -> psidea: Set 'recoil' to 4
    -> psidea: Set 'reloadtime' to 17
    -> psidea: Set 'mmag' to 12
    The event is always true so the animation is always getting set to "Falcon" overriding any animation changes.  Removing the action "-> psidea: Set animation to "Falcon"" will fix it.
  • I feel stupid now. I should have seen it. I fixed that, and it worked at first but now it goes back to being stubborn after I change up the weapons once.

    When everything starts the animation is correct, but I swap weapons once and my gun is on my foot again

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