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  • I was testing the animation feature in construct and I discovered after looking at the platform tutorial, that you can have several animation clips in one object. To test this feature I drew a wasp (badly) with two frames for each clip. One clip was named flying and one clip was named stinging. In the event sheet I selected "on N key is down" then I selected the wasp then I selected the "select animation to stinging". I ran the cap and it worked in that the wasp object stopped playing the flying movie clips and starting to play the stinging clips. However when I stopped pressing the N key the animation still showed the wasp stinging. Fine I thought, I just have to put another statement in saying that when another key is down (in this case the space bar) "select the animation to flying". When I ran the cap the space bar had no effect after i pressed the n button the wasp stayed in stinging mode and would not go back to the flying clip when I pressed the space button. I have tried this with all the possible button events ie on press etc but nothing works. Is this a bug? or is it that animation will only work if it is coupled with the movement behaviors?

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  • No I don't think it's a bug when I read your description. You could invert the Key down event or use an Else condition afterwards to set the Default (flying)animation.

    Maybe if you cared to upload a cap, I could tell you exactly what's wrong.

  • I tried that, it did not seem to work. Anyway here is the cap.

  • I set it up with an Else condition: Download

  • well I cant deny it, your cap works I must have set up the else statement wrong when i did it (still learning) anyway thanks again. ps. Think your slasher boy program is great (very Jealous).

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