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  • In this game,I don't think there's any way this should not work.I want the

    Player to crawl.When The Down Arrow is down,it's OK but wheb left or right arrow is also down,the animation does not play and is stuck at the first frame.

    Cap link:(]( ))'[

  • jfjf

  • Some one helpppppppp..... <img src="smileys/smiley7.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • What's happening (I think) is that every tick the animation was switching to Crawling and then quickly switching to another animation and therefore never moved past the first frame.

    It looks like two issues to me.

    First, I think Construct was automatically setting the animations based on the platform behaviour. To fix this I renamed some of your animations so that they aren't considered default platform animation names.

    Second, I changed your code so that it will only set the "Walking" and "Standing" animation when the down button isn't pressed.

    I also added an event that will set the animation speed of the crawling animation so it doesn't animate when standing still.

    Here's the cap:

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  • robit_studios

    Thank you very much

    To the naming part,I just noticed that your cap did not have any "tags" assigned to the animation.I just removed the tags in my cap's animation's (And fixed the code problem and added event as you told)and everything's fine.

    What's the purpose for this "tag"s?

  • Doc Ai - The tags are used by built-in behaviors to change animation automatically for you (eg: The platform object for jumping, falling, moving, stopped). It saves you some events if you don't want to do anything fancy

  • robit_studios


    Another problem has come.

    I made the collision masks shorter so that the Player can crawl below the "platform".But if I release the down button while below the "platform",

    The player suddenly starts from the starting position.

    I think this is because the collision mask for standing overlaps the solid platform.

    If he release the down button,I want the player not to stand but stop in the crawling state.(Do you know what I mean?)

    What do I do?

    I think I should use the "when ceiling just above" event and I don't know what action I should use.

  • Some one help....

  • I'd just put an invisible sprite there and say "while touching this - play crouch animation"

  • Jayjay

    That works.but When I press the jump button while below the platform,the same problem happens.

    I don't want the player to automatically crawl.He should keep the down arrow down and if the platform is above,he can't jump and stand,walk.He should only be able to crawl.

  • I have solved the player standing below the platform problem.but a side effect has come.The player does not animate nicely while below the platform.But he still jumps below the platform leading to the unexpected.

    Heres the .cap:

  • Again,

    Now the walk and stand events are only triggered when the player does not overlap the platform object at offset 0,-5 so that he don't stand when below the platform.And the animation problem while below the platform is solved.

    Now the only problem is that he still jumps while below.

    Here is the .cap file :((([}} Is there anything I can do to make the events/actions shorter?

  • Ah.Finally all the problems except a very little one is fixed.

    Now the player won't jump,stand,walk while below.He will only crawl.

    The little problem is that.He can still jump a little(probably because of the short collision mask.While jumping,the crawling animation plays.So If you press the up arrow key repeatedly while below the platform,it seems like he is crawling.

    Help me fix this please.And is there any way to shorten my events?

  • Here's the .cap file :[]

  • Anyway,That's fixed now.

    Thank you

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