Animation help needed :(

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  • I think Classic Construct 1.2 has a bug or i am doing something wrong here.I tried to create an animation where the character has to swing a sword when i press the spacebar button while the character is running.Im using the platform behavior with animation tags for walking , idle ,falling and jumping.But it does not seem to go to the swing sword animation when i press spacebar while the character is moving.

    Am i missing something here?.I tried set ignore user input while the sword swing animation is playing but that does not seem to help at all.Seems that i cannot create any other actions via animations except for walking falling idle and jumping.If anyone can help out with a cap file that shows me how to do this properly i would be most great full .

  • You want play one animation while other animation is playing on the same sprte? isn't that a paroadox?

  • [quote:2j4mcj3l]You want play one animation while other animation is playing on the same sprte? isn't that a paroadox?

    I know But how can i fix this??.The character must be able to move while performing the sword swing animation.

  • maybe you could split your sprite in half and make two different sprites. Lower Sprite for walking, runing etc. and upper for attacking, waveing hands...

  • Off course.Thank you skinkan.That should work.

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  • Nope sorry ,It's still ignoring the sword anim even if i create a separate sprite for that particular animation.Oh well, back to oldskool programming for this project i guess.I got it right with Wolfen but this other project just refuses to switch to another animation or separate sprite.

    Maybe i should re install construct classic 1.2.Wolfen works fine with v 99.97 but it has the same anim problems with v1.2.

  • could you share a cap file to see what's going on there?

  • Sorry I deleted the cap.I will use XNA for that particular project because i want to go 3d with that one.But i fixed the problem with Wolfen though , I just had to remove the "Tags" from the animations.And i had to create a few variables for the diff actions.No biggie ,Problem Solved

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