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  • (Platform movement) How do i make it so when the player presses right/left keys, the character should run/animate. And, how do i import a gif to the animation?

  • Open up the example, that should help out.

  • Thanks, but still - how do i import an gif?

  • Construct does not currently support GIFs or Animated GIFs, so you will have to convert them to a format that Construct does support. If you do a Google search you'll find several programs that can convert the frames in an animated GIF to still images in another format say PNG. I've been using a GIMP script to do my conversions (you can also do it manually but it takes longer). It's probably not the easiest or most convenient method but it works. If anyone knows an easier way I'd be happy to learn about it.


  • I have about 15 gifs, and i dont wanna make them into frames. This program sucks then.

  • An easy way I 'import' images is open it in paint, copy and paste into construct's image editor. LOL

    It doesn't suck if you do it maunally, if that is the case. It really doesn't take long at all, and you only have to do it once, at least construct mirros the animations unlike TGF/MMF ;P

  • No? It doesn't. I check the 'Auto mirror', and it does NOTHING.

  • Yes, did you check out the platform example I created? The link is mentioned in this thread.

    When you create your sprite, assuming you are making a platform game, your character animations are at 0 degrees.

    When you press right, your character should face 0 degrees, and when you press right, set angel to 90 degrees, construct will mirror animation if mirror animation is. checked

    Here is the (stripped) event I am using for my game:


    Key Right Arrow Down

    Spankyboot[Platform].Vectory Equal to 0.

    Trigger Once


    Spanky: Set Animation to "walk"

    Spanky: Play Current Animation

    Spanky: Set Angle to 0 Degrees

    Spankyboot: Set angle to 0 degrees

    The "Spankyboot" is my detector, so you may replace that with your platform object if not using one.

    I highly recommend looking at the example. If you need help upload your cap file, you can use fileden, that's what I use, it is very easy. Hope this helps.

  • Robink93, let's slow down for a minute.

    Gif support is in consideration for a future release. In the mean time, try exporting frames from just about any graphics program newer than MSPaint. Importing them takes a few extra seconds, but it's worth it considering how much Construct DOES automate that other programs yet do not.

    If for any reason you are incapable or unwilling to convert your gifs to frames, I'll more than willingly help you out. Provide a zip file of them and I will have them for you in short time.

  • Strange, updated to 0.93.5, and now i cant import static gifs...

  • And when i press right arrow, the character turns invisible.

  • I know this isn't the best method of importing, but really man, just trying copying each individual frame in a paint program (any will do). It works fine for me, I think it's easier (but I am kinda backwards on this stuff lol)

    What OS are you using? I think there were problems with Vista. The auto mirroring caused animation to disappear. But it is fixed in current build (95.3)

    Upload your cap so we can help you out man. Don't be shy, we're all learning!

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  • And now this shit program corrupted my file!

  • Your enthusiasm is admirable, but if you don't upload your file we can't help you. Construct is still in beta. We need such examples of problematic behavior. However, if all you're here to do is hate on us then you are more than welcome to take your project elsewhere. Help us help you.

  • Well, i can upload it when i get home.

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