Animation goes spastic

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  • Whenever i try to use the falling event,the character goes into spastic mode when im on the ground and walking,I have set the hotspots exactly the same but the character still goes into spastic mode when i walk.Ive used the latest version of Construct v99.96.The slowdown problem is fixed but why does my character still fall and walk at the same time.

    Maybe im just doing something wrong here could someone please check this cap and see what im doing wrong?.

    Thank you.

  • From your description I figured what was going on and checked to make sure. You need to make a dummy object for the platform behaviour to run on, and set the animations to it. When the characters feet were not touching the ground, during walking and when it settled back to idle, it would consider it to be falling, hence the issue. I also pulled the left direction events out from being branched under the right where it would not work.

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  • Ah thank you steven.I actually wanted the character to work without a dummy but it seems that i need to create a dummy for the anims to work correctly.Reason why i want the character to work without a dummy is because im going to make the character bend down to avoid flying obstacles.

    Maybe i could just turn off the collision whenever the bend down animation is playing.

  • Have a frame on the dummy collision box that is half the height and set both to 'crouch' at the same time.

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