Animation frame from file...Problem with memory.

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  • Hello, I'm french (excuse my English so) I have a concern, I am creating a game and I see the RAM from my computer without going through the debug construct by ctrl alt delete to open the process window during my computer. I discovered that my game by 1 GB of RAM and more than that number increased with time very slowly.

    I find the source of my problem was a plasma effect and the many images of my character animation.

    So I tried to solve this problem as follows: load every millisecond, the images of the movie but from a folder on my computer this time.

    Therefore: my ram is about 100 MB, but the problem is that like every millisecond I load a texture, it will list in the RAM, I seek to load the texture, then to "unload". But I have not seen such a function in construction.

    I calculate that after a day of play with 30 characters like this, would my RAM to 8 GB theory. About 66 KB every 20 seconds are added to my RAM.

    The question is: how to unload a texture of an object ? For application consumes a lot of RAM because of this over time.

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  • Not sure whats going on with the plasma object, but "load every millisecond" sounds highly suspicious.

    Perhaps your loading the same frame, rather than skipping to a new one.

    In any case using a huge animation is ill advised.

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