Animation Finished?

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  • How does Animation Finished work?

    I have an animation set to not loop.

    I have two events:

    +On "key" pressed

    -Sprite: Set animation to "Nonlooping Animation"

    -System: Disable group "HandleAllOtherAnimations"

    +Animation "Nonlooping Animation" finished

    -System: Enable group "HandleAllOtherAnimations"

    But upon pressing "Key", the animation plays once, returns to frame 1 of the animation, and never calls Animation Finished, locking the animations there. Why? What am I doing wrong?

  • Try picking by frame, then just choose the last frame.

  • "On animation finished" should work (and does most of the time), though earlier I was trying to help Candescence with it and for some reason unknown reason it wasn't working for one specific thing.

    Maybe you could post your .cap? Then someone can take a look and make sure it's not a bug.

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  • Can you post all your events? Are you sure you're not disabling the group with the trigger in it?

  • I posted the file to the upload forum, here. I'm definitely not disabling the group with the trigger in it.

    I've tried the checking for the animation frame thing, and it works as a work around, but it'd still be nice to do this the proper way. It'd make further coding a lot easier, for instance.

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