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  • Hello everyone. I have been away from CC for pretty much kind of a half a year because of being busy with a semester that felt like an eternity. I've hand-drawn a variety of animations on paper, but this one problem occured to me.

    The running animations I plan to implement are going to be a bit tricky since one set of animations is "run wih weapon held" ,and the other is "run while firing weapon" ‚ but I barely noticed that if the player taps the use weapon key while moving, the legs are going to be spazzing out.

    I'm thinking this can be solved by a bone feature to separate the character's body and legs, but I can't remember if this program possess this feature or if it's a C2 thing.

  • There is no bone feature in Construct 2, you could use Spriter for bone animation.

    But I think a solution for you would be 2 (or more) separate sprites that are pinned on each other.

    So you would have a sprite for the lower body containing all the leg movement, and an upper body sprite that holds the weapon.

    Give both sprites imagepoints on the waist, and tell the torso sprite to set it's position to the imagepoint of the leg sprite. You could also use a Pin behaviour for this.

    You could even make a separate sprites for the head and weapon, this way you could easily change them in the game.

    Hope this helped

    EDIT: I'm sorry you are not working with C2, I stumbled upon your post while searching the forums for other stuff. I don't know if my information is relevant for CC, but I think it's a general solution.

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  • Construct Classic has a bone behavior, but then you'll need to make animations for running + shooting and etc anyway. The best way is indeed to split the player into two halves as Robin Sommer suggests.

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