Animated Mask Effect

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  • hail Comrades


    so what I want to achieve. Scan like effect (Sprite) moves horizontally,

    and in its path parts of sprite in the background are made visible.

    Kind of Animated Mask effect that reveals the full image.

    I have kind of solution with sprite same color as background moving in, but would like something like, Magic Sprite that hides part of other sprite when overlapping.

    any help would be welcome

    thx in advance

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  • The only thing I can come up with is something like an object canvas that has alpha effect and draws on 'white'(that will be transparent in alpha) on a black background which will reveal the sprites behind the canvas. Never tried and possibly never be able to do it myself.

    Sorry but just an idea.

  • hey

    thanks for reply, will try it out, but might be complicated for me too.

    Right now I have come up with another spin off solution, Animating Tiled Background Height

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