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  • Hey there..

    Right, I'm new to Cosntruct, so apologies of this is a stupid question... But its driving me nuts!!

    I'm making a vertical shooter, like the tutorial one, but there is one thing I just cant get right..

    When the space ship banks to the left or right, I want to use a different frame of animation.. And when the player releases left or right, it needs to return to the normal frame of animation.

    The closest I came to getting this to acutally work was using the platformer behaviour, but then if the character went left it would flicker, and if it went right it would go off the screen despite any solid barriers...

    Anyway, any tips would be awesome at this point.. Cheers

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  • At the bottom of the sprite's properties, you can untick "lock animation angles" - then just set what frames you want with events.

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